Midnight Monday: Sick days

A few weeks ago, Luna had a feline upper-respiratory infection. Lots of sneezing and distress, but also a lot of time sleeping on comfy blankets:

This weekend I seemed to have a particularly nasty bug, which means being in a lot of physical distress (with fevers, aches and a runny nose), but also some time to just curl up with a blanket and rest.

It's amazing to see how similarly we deal with illness. It's a reminder that we share a lot of basic traits, despite our obvious anatomical and behavioral differences. On that note, there is a book Your Inner Fish that I am quite curious to read – and of course this would have been a good to read it, being as I have very little energy for anything else. It describes the many mundane and bizarre traits we share with other animals. For example, we have traces of fish anatomy and physiology like gills. Reading about things like this, and observing our own animal companions, it is hard too see how we don't share a common heritage, as some “anti-evolutionists” suggest.

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4 thoughts on “Midnight Monday: Sick days

  1. Hope luna's better now. She does look a bit sick in the picture. Poor kitty. And now you're sick Amar. Poor you. Hope you feel better soon, and get lots of kitty love. Hugz.

  2. I hopoe you feel better soon:)!! As for the bizarre traits, Mom is happy "licking her butt " isn't one of them 🙂
    What are you trying to say Mom??

    Purrs Mickey

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