Weekend Cat Blogging and more: Art and LOLs

The theme for this weekend's Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is LOLcats. We at CatSynth enjoy LOLcats, though I have never really had Luna as the subject of one. But we could really use a laugh this weekend, so here's our contribution, based on Luna's V-Day photo:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I guess more “sweet” than “funny.” But still, it works for us.

I also created a cubist mod of the same photo:

I felt like doing something nice for Luna by creating this images, but I think she would probably prefer a “cheezburger.”

The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is being hosted this weekend by Astrid and the “cat boys” Kashim and Othello. It's the LOLcat Edition.

Weekend Cat Blogging #144 is being hosted by the bengals at Pets Garden Blog. Happy Birthday to Tigger and Pet!

The Carnival of the Cats will be at Artsy Catsy this Sunday. How appropriate for our attempt at feline art.

And of course the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging and more: Art and LOLs

  1. fortunately not all cats speak lolcat language ! It's so hard for me to understand but it seems to be very funny. My cats probably have a french accent when they meow in english except Pookie and Kim because they were born in London !

  2. mmm…yeah, a cheezburger would be yummy! Or at least some Temptations for Luna, since she has worked so hard as an artist's model.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  3. Hmmmm….cheeze burger? Di somebuddy say "CHEEZE BURGER?????"

    I guessee dat iz da second bestee ting I likes. & mebbe wit a itty-bitty bit of bacon???

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