18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Unfinished

  1. Great images. I especially like the one of the new construction framing the old tower. That's a view that won't exist when they finish the overpass.



  2. These photos are from underneath the San Francisco approach to the Bay Bridge (I-80). It is in the process of being rebuilt (it was left in a rather funky state after the 1989 earthquake). As some people have noted, the highway is rather high above the ground level here, it's really interesting to walk underneath on Third Street (and I find myself doing so on a not-too-infrequent basis).

    Actually, the Fifth Street exit is further down the road and quite intact – in fact it's the exit I usually take when returning to the city from the East Bay 😉

  3. Those double decker highways gave me the willies when we honeymooned there in 8/89. Of course, a couple of months later, they came crashing down too!

    I love your sweet kitties…so beautiful!

    Thanks for the visit!

  4. The real question is how bad does it back up traffic during the construction…lol.

    Thanks for sending Orange Boy purrs and get well wishes. He is doing much, much, better now.

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