26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Luna on the Patio

  1. Sadly, the mural will soon be trashed in an upcoming construction project. We are planning to have it restored, however. Luna wandered through while I was taking some detailed photos to document it for the restoration.

  2. How sad. I was going to ask if they were murals or windows, they look so realistic. But they don’t look much like the coast around San Francisco.

  3. That is a seriously beautiful shot.

    Let’s just say I am artistically challenged, so I really appreciate those who have your kind of eye. Great work.

  4. Happy WW! I hope the both the construction and restoration go well.

    Luna, you’ve got a smiley tail. Got a craving for some fishies? Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll find any there that you can eat. Hugs, Luna.

  5. I love the patio and the mural is wonderful. I also LOVE black cats. I had a black cat named Midnight (not very creative) when I was a kid…the only pet I had as a child. We now have two chihuahuas!! 🙂

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