CatSynth pic: Sid

from g, via matrixsynth:

“Here is my late Cat, Sid… he loved hanging out with me when I worked on the synth, and also patch cables were one of his good games ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mar 1996-
Sep 2008”

We at CatSynth send our thoughts for Sid’s family. As matrix says: “Cats and pets in general are the few things in life that unconditionally have your back, through the good and the bad times.”

Unconditional love and hanging out together while working on the studio. What more could one ask for?

7 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Sid

  1. Not diamonds but cats are our best friends ! When I see all these cables I have to think about a cat here in blogworld who damages ALL cables in the house and the poor owner asked all of us for help because she had tried everything to keep the cat from the cables ! I don’t remember who it was.

  2. My dog Tonka is my assistant, co-pilot and security guard when I’m out shooting. And you’re absolutely right about them having your back every time all the time. Sorry for your loss, but it sounds like Sid had a very good friend during his life. And nobody can take that away.

  3. Cats just LOVEEEEEEE cables, i have 2 cats, an adult one- that behaves like a very well brought up aristocrat, and the youngest, ohhh, my, it bites all wires it can see, telephone chargers, computer cables, etc. And.. can anyone explain me thy love to computers, i can not work with my lap-top, both cats are fighting for the place on it.

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