CatSynth pic: Charlotte the Cat is Concerned about the “String Thing”

From Lee Tizzard (L.T.), via matrixsynth:

“My friend dug out his old 1978 Paia Strings N’ Things synth for me to check out.

He has replaced the tolex case with custom pine enclosure and has also modified the outputs
to have individual outs for the string and piano sounds.

Charlotte the Cat is concerned about the “String Thing”

And she has a few thoughts of her own about it.”

Note the Moog pillow in the background.

You can read more and see more photos in the original article.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Drumtraks

From our friend Eric Pochesci of Polynominal, some more pictures of Mimi, this time with a Sequential Drumtraks:

I also thought this was a great sepia-tone photo, and quite well posed with Mimi pushing one of the buttons. Look for more of Mimi in the next few days.

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CatSynth Video: Giorgio Moroder “chase” Theme played with analogue Synths..

Another from Synthiefrau (and Cleo), via matrixsynth:

“Hi lovely Synthfolk, this is a theme from Giogios Moroders “Chase”, sorry for my f….play but my synthcat “Cleo” disturb me…The sequences are from my lovely GRP A 8, Effects comes from the Dark Energie and Juno 60, the leadsound is from the Minimoog”