CatSynth pic: Baby and GR-33

From our friend Knox Bronson, a new picture of Baby on a Roland GR-33:

“Baby [was] lying on my gr-33 when I was trying to work on a new song, Baby’s No Help – yes, it’s about Baby. Bad kitty. :)”

Bronson is a new instrumental CD The Seasons, and is releasing a free download per week of his electronic music. The first download is Flight of the Atom Bee.

8 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Baby and GR-33

  1. Now, this is a technocat if I ever saw one. I seem to remember a quote that said cats always find the most annoying place to sit and then spread out. Occasionally, one of mine will sit on the desk with a paw on my arm as I try to type… no help at all! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey there Catsynth! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you live near me somewhere in beautiful San Francisco. I’m on the side of Bernal Hill. Do you get to go outside? If so, I will wave a paw to you from my cedar tree sometime. Looks like you have lots of snake looking toys to play with!

    Purrs and hello from Halloween

  3. Catsynth

    Baby is cute on GR-33! He’s stealing attention from it, actually..haha!

    Do you write songs? I write, but never published…

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