Fun with Highways: I-85, I-75 and I-20 in Atlanta

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these:

This is the interchange of I-85, I-75 and I-20 in Atlanta, GA. No personal significance, though I do like how the incredibly complex curved shapes are bounded by the very rectangular city streets.

Of course, the combination of curved forms and rectangular geometry is not too uncommon here at CatSynth.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Highways: I-85, I-75 and I-20 in Atlanta

  1. Interesting!! I had not thought about the rectangular streets
    until you mentioned them!! Just shows how the brain filters out some information
    in favour of the more complex ,obvious curves 🙂

  2. Round and round we go. Looks like a roller coaster. Weeeeeee! However, I sure don’t want to drive there – too scary.

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