21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Finished

  1. This is the approach the Bay Bridge as seen from 3rd Street in San Francisco. I have photographed it several times is various states on construction, and featured in previous Wordless Wednesdays, here and here.

  2. where the sun “don’t” shine. Seems like that space could be used for something other than shadows

  3. Is that close to where that big organic market is? I think I’ve been there, or somewhere nearby that looks very much like it.

  4. Not a lot of difference between the northern and southern parts of our state when it comes to freeways, LOL!

  5. Somehow, these places underneath bridges always give me the creeps.
    It’s a cool shot though.
    I like the light and shadow play.

  6. Sorry, a belated Happy WW!

    The bridge is done? Finally. Can you drive on it yet? I hope it helps decongest the traffic, now that there’s another road people can take.

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