25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Bay Bridge from Pier 14

  1. I always feel slightly ashamed when I can’t come up with a better comment, but really the first thought that went through my mind was “What a wonderful shot!” It is a lovely image to be certain!

  2. Never heard of this bridge not sure where it is located. I am in NH and just stopping by looking at everyone’s WW posts 🙂 Stop on by if you have time to see mine!

  3. Love the moon in the cables of the bridge and the tall lamp post with the bridge tower!!
    Great composition 😉
    It was fun reading about your concerts too. I have not been to any concerts like those .
    Bet they would be cool though!!

  4. Beautiful picture. It looks very peaceful, as if you’re the only person there.

    It would be interesting to have pictures of different bridges together and see the differences.

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