CatSynth pic: Woody, Keyboard Cat

From Cardigan Lane on flickr, via matrixsynth:

“Woody chilling out with the Yamaha CS01.”

From the comments on matrixsynth:

Hey guys, that cat is my little friend Woody.
He’s a Bengal.

A very cool little guy, a little crazy but lots of fun. He belongs to my friends. He is actually my friends cat, whenever I crash on their couch I usually wake up with him sleeping on my legs.

He got a little freaked out by the CS1… once I turned it on and started playing some keys from it, he didn’t find it such a great pillow any more and started attacking the speaker. He didn’t have any problem with the casio CT310 we were also fooling around with, so I guess I should have named him Casio Cat!

8 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Woody, Keyboard Cat

  1. I love Bengals! The only time I had a chance to see a Bengal
    cat was at a cat show and the kittens were not allowed to be
    shown because they were not a registered breed at the time.
    This was many many years ago. My Nelly is as close to a Bengal
    with spots as I am going to get. ha ha, Woody you are a rare

  2. Hello, great shot, love the colors. They all find cozy areas to sleep at, my puddy always does, not matter if he squeezes you out of the chair and has it all to himself 😉 Have a great COT day, cya Monikarose 🙂

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