CatSynth pic: Roland RS-101 Vintage Analog Synthesizer Strings Brass w/ Case

Bengal cat and RS-101

Handsome bengal cat poses next to a Roland synth that I had never heard of until now. Via matrixsynth.

“The Roland RS-101 is a 61 key string synth, which also includes a brass section. Being a string synth, it is fully polyphonic, but programability is limited. This is in pretty decent condition, and comes with a flightcase.”

Presumably, cat not included.

CatSynth pic: Woody, Keyboard Cat

From Cardigan Lane on flickr, via matrixsynth:

“Woody chilling out with the Yamaha CS01.”

From the comments on matrixsynth:

Hey guys, that cat is my little friend Woody.
He’s a Bengal.

A very cool little guy, a little crazy but lots of fun. He belongs to my friends. He is actually my friends cat, whenever I crash on their couch I usually wake up with him sleeping on my legs.

He got a little freaked out by the CS1… once I turned it on and started playing some keys from it, he didn’t find it such a great pillow any more and started attacking the speaker. He didn’t have any problem with the casio CT310 we were also fooling around with, so I guess I should have named him Casio Cat!

Cat and Toy Piano photo

This one was submitted by both elba (who enjoys one of my favorite activites: not shopping at WalMart) as well as brrer:

A bengal with the “very analog” instrument: a classic Jaymar toy piano. My parents found one of these on someone's curbside several years ago – it's amazing what people throw out. When I tried it out, I immediately recognized it as the instrument used in recordings of John Cage's Suite for Toy Piano.

Thanks to everyone who has been submitting photos in the past week or so. I'm a little backlogged at the moment, but I will get to posting them all, among all the other articles I want to write for this forum.