Acxel Resynthesizer and Rhodes Chroma

From Kevin Kelly of The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum, via matrixsynth:

The Technos Acxel is an interesting synthesizer, based on manipulation of spectra in the frequency domain. This is something several of us have been doing in software for quite a while.

In addition to the Acxel and the Rhodes Chroma, I see an E-MU EMAX in the background.

5 thoughts on “Acxel Resynthesizer and Rhodes Chroma

  1. That Acxel Resynthesizer and Rhodes Chroma looks very very
    complicated. I had no idea that synthesizers were at museums?
    Wow. You use software to make all those techno sounds. You
    are the people who make people like lady gaga ‘actually’ sound
    good in the studio! lolz 🙂 Cool kitty pic!

  2. TT&TOT Gang: synthesizers are absolutely musical instruments, they are devices used by humans to express musical ideas as sounds.

    Jewelgirls Katz: I’m afraid I can’t take any responsibility for lady gaga 🙂

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