Weekend Cat Blogging: Rain

It’s been very stormy week here, with sometimes violent winds and heavy rain, and flash floods. Indeed, it has been raining at least once every few hours continuously since I departed from Los Angeles last Sunday. It’s the kind of weather where one really just wants to curl up and stay warm:

In additional to seeing Luna napping on one of her favorite chairs, I liked the way the clothing draped on top formed this perfect triangle above her. This image has a very symbolic quality – the triangle is a very powerful element in my own visual ideas, and I have often talked about juxtaposing geometric elements against more natural organic shapes.

This morning, the sun has appeared at CatSynth HQ for the first time in over a week, and Luna peers out into the world:

Weekend Cat Blogging #242 is hosted by Nikita Cat.

The Carnival of the Cats will be up this Sunday at When Cats Attack.

And of course the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Rain

  1. We are so very very tired of the rain. I did get a nice walk in this morning and Sophia got a quick roll on the concrete… and now the rain is back. Blah.

  2. Sorry about all that rain. Hope there weren’t any thunders. Poor Luna would’ve been scared.

    That triangle shape from the clothing and luna’s round-shape body makes it look like a funny exclaimation mark.

    Hope the sun stays for a while.

  3. We’ve had our share of the rainy windy weather, worst storm in 17 years here in Arizona. Luna has the right idea, she looks comfy in that chair. Nice visual.

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