Wordless Wednesday: Verticality

I almost feel like I’m walking on that facade.

Wordless Wednesday: Vertical Study

CatSynth pic: Tiffany and Moog Voyager

Tiffany and Moog Voyager synthesizer

It looks like Tiffany the cat has found a nice napping spot on top of a Moog Voyager synthesizer. From andromeda118 on Instagram. Such a sweet pic. 💕

Wordless Wednesday: Spheres (San Francisco)

Downtown San Francisco

Wordless Wednesday: Geometric Contrast (San Francisco)

San Francisco

Wordless Wednesday: Boots on the Ground


2014: Transition and Turbulence

CatSynth 2014 in Review
[Click to enlarge.]

Once again, it’s time for our traditional end-of-the-year image at CatSynth. 2014 was a year like no other for us: transition, turbulence, complexity, controversy, beauty. Luna turned 10, and is enjoying the life of a mature but very spoiled house cat. And for me, the year began with a profound change that is still reverberating. Some things stayed remarkably constant, as one can see from themes in the words and images here. But others changed in ways I was not prepared for. Changes in my music, my personality and identity, my friendships and relationships, and my professional life. But in the end I learned the importance of speaking one’s truth. It comes with tremendous risks, but with potential great rewards. So what this means is that even more big changes are likely in store for 2015, especially in music, work, and the pages of this website.

The blog did suffer a bit amidst all the tumult of this past year, but we are reinvigorating it for 2015. There is the new look and feel – one of our truths – and more posts and channels coming. Thank you for being part of this year with us, and looking forward to the next!

Wordless Wednesday: Back in San Francisco

Pyramid in winter

Wordless Wednesday: Oil Fields, Kern County, CA

Oil Fields, Kern County, CA

Wordless Wednesday: Illinois Street Bridge