On Kawara, MAR. 16, 1993

Today, we consider a work from the Today series by conceptual artist On Kawara. Since 1966, he has created many paintings in this long series, each consisting of the date the painting was created in simple white lettering set against a black background.

By coincidence, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has in their collection MAR. 16, 1993 from On Kawara’s series:

[On Kawara, MAR. 16, 1993 from the Today series.  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, http://www.sfmoma.org.]

I have seen it several times in the past, but when I wandered though the museum’s 75th anniversary exhibition a couple of weekends ago, there it was again. And there is no way I would pass up mentioning it today.

3 thoughts on “On Kawara, MAR. 16, 1993

  1. It is always nice to come here and see posts that cause us to think or ponder 🙂
    We read your post and then Google it for more info
    On Kawara is a different artist.
    Liked the Pi post.
    The Photo Hunt is interesting in that Tillie is like Luna.
    The tip of her tail curls too 🙂

  2. 75 years – that’s a long time. Hope it will celebrate it’s 100th in 25 yrs. 🙂

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