CatSynth video: francesca in synth

From FOCtv on YouTube:

“auto-un-installation of girl-cat module”

Among the cutest cat-and-synth videos I have seen so far 🙂

Can anyone identify the any of the modules?
(UPDATE: thanks to prophei for identifying the modules)

UPDATE: we actually featured Francesca back in 2007.

6 thoughts on “CatSynth video: francesca in synth

  1. a number of those modules are modules. was kind of hard to see the other brand, as the camera was moving too fast…

  2. Francesca is just looking for a comfy place to lay down. I did not have a chance to visit the Jinmao Tower. Our tour guide said the owners of the Jinmao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center were trying to outdo each other.

  3. Alex: it is well known that cats do not have owners 🙂

    AVCr8teur: it’s interesting that I had the opposite experience. I was only in the Jinmao Tower and not the Shanghai World Financial Center – though I was not on an organized tour.

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