Saruman with Yamaha SK50D, CS30, and DX7

Our friend Saruman is back, and he is showing off his vintage Yamaha gear. We see a Yamaha SK50D to the left, a CS30 to the upper right, and a DX7 at the bottom. Three different types of instruments from three different periods of Yamaha’s keyboard and synth history.

Submitted by Héctor Genis (@hdgenis) via Twitter/X.

Gracie, Arp Omni-2, PPG Wave, Moog

Our friend Gracie is back! She is guarding an Arp Omni-2, PPG Wave, and sundry other synths in the laboratories of Synthetic Dreamscapes, where my friend Alison works magic on these old synths (including our own Octave CAT and Yamaha RX5). You can find more at

To see more of Gracie’s many appearances on CatSynth, please check out her tag.

Cat with SOMA Pulsar 32 (“No Contact”)

I’m a little envious of this cat having a Pulsar 32 from SOMA Laboratory (I’m still hoping to have one of SOMA’s works of art here at HQ in the not-too-distant future).

The featured track “No Contact” by SUBEXT is off their album Indigo System, available on the Facade Electronics based in northern Mexico.

Cammi Granato and Sidney Crosby, Moog, Roland, Arturia, Korg

Cammi Granato and Sidney Crosby are hanging out in the studio. We see (from left to right, clockwise) a Roland SE-02, Arturia MiniBrute red edition, Korg Minilogue, Moog Mavis, Subharmonicon and Mother 32; A large Eurorack System, Doepfer Dark energy, and more Eurorack. We also see musician Scott Smigiel.

Submitted by db on Mastodon. You can follow us on Mastodon as well and submit photos/videos by tagging us.