Saruman, Yamaha SK50D, Strymon Timeline and Roland TR-707

Our friend Saruman listens to a new jam by Héctor Genis on the Yamaha SK50D and Roland TR-707, with the Strymon Timeline pedal melding it all together.

It’s quite remarkable how still Saruman is. He is clearly relaxed and in a comfy place sitting and listening to the music.

Sequential Pro 3 Multi-filter Mono Synth and Cat

A leopard-print cat with a Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer. From an auction, via matrixsynth.

“This listing is for a like new Sequential Pro 3 Multi-filter Mono Synth. Unit was purchased new and has approximately 100 hours of use. It is free of physical scratches/blemishes of any kind. It is 100% operational and comes with all original documentation and cables.

Unit will be double boxed with all original packaging.

Cat not included.”

Scout, Yamaha SY-35, and Modular

Persian cat sitting behind a keyboard synthesizer "Yamaha SY35" and next to a small modular synthesizer

Scout sits behind a Yamaha SY35 synthesizer. We also see a small modular system – we’ll leave the identification of the individual modules as an exercise for the reader.

Submitted by Carl Peczynski via our Facebook page.

The SY35 is an interesting synth among Yamaha’s SY series in that it allows one to move between FM synthesis and AWM (sampling) synthesis via the joystick, a bit like the “vector synthesis” found in the Prophet VS.

Gracie with Roland TR-808 and CSQ-600

Our friend Gracie of Synthetic Dreamscapes proudly shows off some vintage Roland boxes: the well-known TR-808 and the lesser-known CSQ-600 (that’s the one she’s actually standing on).

The CSQ-600 is a digital sequencer, but with analog CV and gate outputs (it predates MIDI). It allowed both step and real-time recording and had four separate sequences that could be chained or stacked. It could potentially fit as a sequencer in today’s analog modular systems.