Weekend Cat Blogging #259: Industrial Cat

At the end of April, I was visiting open studios along Islais Creek. I have been here several times before, and took advantage of the evening like to take photos along the creek. The main landmark, this old industrial crane, should be familiar to long-time readers of this site:

Walking around, I espied a small tuxedo cat walking around on the ground. Once it saw me, it immediately ran off and through a chain link fence into the neighboring lot. But he (or she) did come out soon, and I was able to get some photos through the fence:

The cat was definitely curious but wary .  A few minutes later, the cat posed on some wooden objects that provided a geometric backdrop (once again, from behind the fence).

When I see cats among the old buildings or lots, they are often skittish and immediately run to hide. So it’s rare that I have a chance to intersect cats and industrial landscape this way.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #259: Industrial Cat

  1. I like the big crane picture!!
    The crane almost looks threatening against the ordinary background 🙂
    The kitty is very pretty too.
    Those pics are the reward for going out and taking a walk!!

  2. How funny, you can tell I worked in the civil engineering industry for many years – I saw industrial cat and immediately started looking around for the heavy equipment. The furry four-pawed kind never occurred to me.

    By the way, I’ve entered the Artists Wanted photo competition and would be most grateful if you’d click through and rate my portfolio (just click on the stars at the bottom (preferably the 5th star – “fantastic” – LOL), easy peasy, no registration or personal details needed). Thanks so much!

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