Weekend Cat Blogging #263

Last weekend was exceptionally warm here, and we opened the whole doorway between the patio and the main room. Luna enjoyed some time outside in the morning before the stones got too hot:

She does like to play hunt with insects she comes across:

Having both patio doors open gave me different views on familiar objects inside. For example, we have seen Luna pose next to the glass table many times, but from this new angle one could see the reflections from the colored lamp. Little spots of color against the black, silver and glass.

We will be looking forward to enjoying a quiet Father’s Day tomorrow…

Weekend Cat Blogging #263 will be hosted by Othello at Paulchens Foodblog?!

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And the Friday Ark reaches a milestone today with #300!.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #263

  1. Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!!!

    Great pics of luna. Did she get that bug? Hope she gives you lots of attention. 🙂

  2. Warm ?? I don’t even know anymore what that is and sunshine neither ! It’s cold and rainy ! 57F in June ! unbelievable ! Luna is lucky !

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