18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Living Roof (1)

  1. This is an image of the living roof of the recently new California Academy of Science in San Francisco that opened in 2009. The roof is covered with native vegetation and is architecturally designed to mimic the natural hills of the area.

  2. @daisy. Yes you can walk on the roof, but only on designated platforms, not on the plants – think of it like a section of a beach or hillside that is being “ecologically restored”.

    And the circles are skylights.

  3. Knowing those are skylights instead of just pieces of art as I thought until I read through your comments really makes me appreciate more that this is a roof. It’s a very deceptive picture!

  4. Cool roof, and going ‘green’ – very nice. Later on, maybe they’ll get some solar panels and put them to good use.

  5. I like how one window seems to reflect the sunlight straight up into the sky. BTW, the sculpture you saw in my post is located in the San Jose, CA airport in Terminal B.

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