CatSynth pic: Grainslide for Monome

From the B-Roll, via matrixsynth:

“…a friend and fellow monome user Jared just recently released his new monome app called Grainslide. I tested an early version of the app on Day 213 and he has since made adjustments and released it to the community. It’s a simple but effective concept. His layout design is unique to most other monome apps which I think is great. It’s not a quick sample cutting app although you could play it that way. It’s a layering tool really.”

I am curious to check out Grainslide. The mlr application that I often use with the monome would be the quintessential “sample cutting app” – it has worked well for me in live performance, but I really have only scratched the surface on what I can do with this controller.

4 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Grainslide for Monome

  1. Grainslide is a computer application for controlling sound. It uses the monome, the device sitting in front of the cat in the photo, as its input.

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