23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Oakland Maze

  1. The Oakland Maze, where I-80, I-580 and I-880 converge east of the Bay Bridge.

    I wasn’t quite sure what to post tonight, it’s been a stressful few days. Images of highways and architecture are calming – of course, Luna is, too.

  2. Not a whole lot of graffiti on the underside of the maze, actually. The tag-like elements in this image are effects from the Hipstamatic.

  3. I like the frame you’ve used; quite the contrast, stark highway and bright, cheery colors. I hope the stress calms and the coming days are better.

  4. That is one confusing maze of bridges. Good job whoever built them. They go in so many directions and good job getting a picture of them.

  5. RE your comment back: I’ll have to remember to take some pictures of the new DC mixing bowl when I’m down in National Harbor in a few weeks. It’s VERY different from the picture you featured more. Even more spaghetti, if that’s possible!

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