CatSynth pic: Truffle and Brulee with Digital Piano

Today we feature Truffle and Brulee of Sweet Purrfections, who happened to be posing last week with a digital piano.  I am pretty sure the piano is a Yamaha YPP 200. First, we have Truffle:

And now Brulee:

In their own words:

We love the keyboard in Mom Paula’s office.  The keys are softer than the piano keys in the living room and the bench is cushioned (not like the wooden one at the piano).  Brulee is trying to show Mom Paula a few things about playing the piano.

cats on tuesday

9 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Truffle and Brulee with Digital Piano

  1. Thank you so much for featuring us today! Mom Paula uses this piano to record to the computer. That is, until she bought a new computer with Windows 7 and now she needs a new mixer. We know, we know – get a Mac and she wouldn’t have these problems. MOL!

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. My two very large cats love to walk across my Yamaha, I would like to think they are musically inclined but the truth is they just like to go where they know I don’t want them to be!

    Cute cats and very cute pictures!

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