Cat Pianist

Remember the Jeffin Rodegheri and Cat duo from a couple of weeks ago? Here is another video featuring the same feline pianist. Once again, the playing is quite musical, and the cat’s adorable cooing adds a nice touch.

Regular readers know I have long been intrigued by these feline musicians. This is one of the best musically, along with Nora. Nue and the rest of the Rock cats are a lot of fun. The OG Keyboard cat was human-directed, so not quite the same (though I adore him and his successors as well). Do you have any favorite musical cats?

“Drunk Cat” at the Piano

Via Warren Defever on Twitter.

drunk cat was jamming on the piano tonite. honestly he’s terrible

Some more images from this cat’s impromptu performance.

Black Cat on the Piano

This handsome black cat is dressed and ready for his piano performance!

From @dj_ewi via Twitter.

CatSynth Video: Keyboard Cat goes avant-garde

As the kids say, “That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

CatSynth Video: Jazz Piano and Cat

Yes, some may debate whether a cat and piano constitute a “CatSynth pic”, but this is absolutely the content we need today.

CatSynth Video: Piano woogie boogie massages for meow

Perhaps not a synth per se, but still a wonderful moment of cats and music. I especially like that it’s more bluesy than most cat-and-piano jams 😺🎶

From Haburu on YouTube.

CatSynth Pic: Piano Lessons with Roux

Roux demonstrating his piano skills at Meowy Manor Kitten Rescue. From Samantha Martin, founder of the Amazing Acro-Cats and Rock Cats.

You can see our recent video of the Acro-Cats’ visit to San Francisco below.

CatSynth Video: Kittens on the piano

Adorable video of two kittens playing on a piano. I for one hear quite a bit of musicality in this – and the look into the camera by the tuxie at the end is priceless.

CatSynth Video: Cat on a Piano

Cute cat sitting behind the keys of a piano and clearly enjoying the jazz/bluey music. Via Classic FM on Facebook.

This piano is purrfect 😻

We at CatSynth agree. And for anyone who protests that a piano is not a synth: yes, this is true, but we recommend just chilling and enjoying the music like this cat.

CatSynth Video: Sarper Duman and his Cats

Sarper Duman returns to CatSynth with one of his beautiful serenades with his cats 😻. From his Facebook page.

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The moment where the tabby crawls onto the keyboard is priceless!