Xander on a grand piano

Xander sits atop a lovely grand piano along with his horse toy. An acoustic piano isn’t a “synth” per se, but it certainly fits within the continuum of musical instruments with cats that we welcome here at CatSynth. (Think Nora the piano-playing cat)

Submitted by Linda Eisenstein via Spoutible. I believe this is our first contribution from that emerging social network!

Cat Pianist

Remember the Jeffin Rodegheri and Cat duo from a couple of weeks ago? Here is another video featuring the same feline pianist. Once again, the playing is quite musical, and the cat’s adorable cooing adds a nice touch.

Regular readers know I have long been intrigued by these feline musicians. This is one of the best musically, along with Nora. Nue and the rest of the Rock cats are a lot of fun. The OG Keyboard cat was human-directed, so not quite the same (though I adore him and his successors as well). Do you have any favorite musical cats?