CatSynth Pic: Big Merp, MicroFreak, and Modular

Today’s CatSynth pic features our very own Big Merp! He likes to bed down on the synthesizer desk when I’m working on the studio, and on this occasion, he seemed particularly blissed out.

One of the few bright spots amidst all the pandemic craziness is that mandatory work-from-home affords me more time to spend with my cats and my music.

2 thoughts on “CatSynth Pic: Big Merp, MicroFreak, and Modular

  1. Merp, is that even comfortable? 🙂

    We’re working from home, too. I am enjoying the increased collaboration with my new co-workers, Gracie and Ava.

    Be well, Amanda, Sam Sam and Merp.

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