CatSynth pic: Perrey and Kingsley with CrudBox

From Steven Litt of CrudLabs, featured in an article on Rhizome:

“Kitteh! Steve’s cats Perrey and Kingsley’s homage to CatSynth

Thanks to Steve Litt and Cici Moss of Rhizome for the tribute :).  More information from the article on the CrudBox:

While a graduate student at NYU’s ITP program, Steve developed a machine known as the CrudBox. Central to his installations and performances, the CrudBox allows users to plug electronic or electromechanic devices into a 16 step, 8 channel step sequencer. While normal sequencers draw from a set bank of sounds, the CrudBox allows one to plug in devices such as turntables or solenoids or power tools, opening up the range of sounds one can sequence.

This would certainly be an interesting device to use in live performances.