Milo and Custom DIY VCS3

Tuxedo cat sitting next to an analog synthesizer, a modern version of the Synthi VCS3 built from a kit and custom parts.

Milo proudly sits next to a freshly built version of the classic (EMS Synthi) VCS3. Submitted by Keith Winstanley via our Facebook page.

As mentioned, this is not an original VCS3, but a modern custom build that Winstanley recently completed.

It’s one I’ve been building on and off for about 10 years, just bought and installed the Ghielmetti patchbay, pin park and Predtopatch socket 🙂 It has a lot of features the original hadn’t but using original components and circuitry 🙂

We hope that Keith and Milo have a lot of fun playing their new instrument!

Maneki Neko DIY Light-controlled Synth

A cool “triple maneki neko” converted into a light-sensitive synth with light sensors, LEDs, volume and CV controls. From polwor.2 via Instagram

Resultados de las clases de “Diseño y Manufactura” para @elprimerextranjero !

Dos sensores de luz, perilla de volumen, CV, y luces

Tweek and Satie, Modified Toy Piano, Modular

We’ve seen Tweek and Satie before on CatSynth, but I think this is the first time we have seen them together. Tweek is the tabby on the left and Satie is the gray on the right. Between them is a modified toy piano with springs and piezo microphone. The springs and the chamber of the toy piano make for some great resonance. And it is a purrfect input source for the modular system.

From Antoine Marroncles via Facebook. You can see Satie’s previous posts and Tweek’s previous posts via their links.

“Cat Synth” by Julia Makivic

This is so cool! The “Cat Synth” is a creative project by Julia Makivic that puts a simple electronic synthesizer inside a plush cat toy. From tink_punk via Instagram. Here it is in action, along with more photos.

Translated from Bosnian to “Google English”:

we can't wait for you to meet the instructor of our first workshop @juliamakivic on Saturday 💓Julia recently worked on an interesting CatSynth project in collaboration with researchers from the University of the Arts in London @ual_cci and we share her video and photos with you.

In this project, alt controller designers (aka makers) are connected with people with disabilities to create an accessible video game interface/controller for them. Julia's Cat Synth helps a pregnant woman with autism who wanted to find a way to bond with her baby and ease anxiety during medical appointments.

The CatSynth produces soothing sounds through a speaker located in the tail and has two modes: for motion and for touch. The touch was intended for moments when the pregnant woman felt tired and did not move much.

Satie, Modular, 0-Ctrl

Satie joins us again. This time he has a Make Noise 0-Ctrl, an impressive modular system that includes offerings from Erica Synths, Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, Intellijel, and Bear Modules. There are also a couple of intriguing DIY instruments at Satie’s disposal.

From Antoine Marronclɘs of DAFAKE, via Facebook.

Jet and 9090 Analog Drum Synthesizer

Jet the black cat inside a synthesizer case.  A 9090 Analog Drom Synthesizer sits in front.

Jet sits somewhat stealthily inside a Ross Lamond VCS3 cabinet. In front, we see a 9090 Analog Drum Synthesizer. From Keith Winstanley via Facebook.

The 9090 is a DIY kit based on the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine. The original site is here, and there is still an active Facebook group about them. You can find fully build versions there as well as on Reverb, etc.

You can see Jet’s previous appearances on CatSynth here.