CatSynth Pic: Esper in the Studio

Esper inspects a Cubase session in the studio with his humans. Submitted by Hope Tallen via our Facebook page.

Esper loves working with his Dad in the studio. He constantly plays on his synths and loves watching Cubase

We’d love to hear some of Esper’s music.

CatSynth pic: Studio Cat, Access Virus TI, Cubase, Kontakt

Studio Cat with Virus TI, Cubase, Kontakt

Cats and beats are a thing this week. Via Techno-iD●com on Twitter.

“@_JLouise_: The studio cat about to drop the beats. #digico #DS-00 #cubase #kontakt #virusti ”

We leave it up to the reader to spot the Virus TI.