CatSynth pic (sort of): WATKINS (WEM) COPICAT Mk2 tube echo

Via matrixsynth, a rare 1960s tube tape echo machine. The “COPICAT” Mk2 tube echo sports a stylized cat logo.

From the auction:

This sounds lovely both as a pre-amp and as an echo unit. All three heads work well and sound excellent – good strong repeats that break up in an evocative fashion, and run into self-oscillation when the ‘reverb’ knob is turned up for authentic dub effects. The echoes have a good tone for an old valve Copicat and degrade with a dark crunchy quality – they cannot be desribed as accurate repeats as this is not a digital delay, but they have a sound and vibe that is most pleasing and create a unique effect that sounds ‘right’.