Metasonix, Qu-Bit, Native Instruments, and White Cat

This cat has a pretty awesome Metasonix setup, with several yellow modules and stomp. We also see offerings from Qu-Bit and Native Instruments.

From davidlevymusic on Instagram.

Here’s some UAC (light combat) stuff!

The main synths are running through several parallel stages of distortion (tube+solid state), waveshaping, heavy compression and harmonic saturation.💀

The cat, on the other hand, isn’t running through anything and is completely unprocessed! 🐁

Speaking of the cat, notice how he’s watching my every move, like he’s learning.
I’m convinced he’s plotting to take over my career one day! 🤔

CatSynth Pic: Jackie and Knifonium

Jackie sits atop a Knifonium synthesizer at Åghström Production Studio in Brussels, Belgium. Submitted by Nicolus Ripitus via our Facebook page.

Exceptional synth under an exceptional pussy cat

We at CatSynth agree on both counts! Jackie is quite regal posing on the synth. And I had never heard of the Knifonium before, but upon visiting the website it sounds quite unique.

Knifonium is a 26 tube monophonic synthesizer with two oscillators, a 4th order ladder filter and a ring modulator.

Here is a demo of the Knifonium in action.

CatSynth pic (sort of): WATKINS (WEM) COPICAT Mk2 tube echo

Via matrixsynth, a rare 1960s tube tape echo machine. The “COPICAT” Mk2 tube echo sports a stylized cat logo.

From the auction:

This sounds lovely both as a pre-amp and as an echo unit. All three heads work well and sound excellent – good strong repeats that break up in an evocative fashion, and run into self-oscillation when the ‘reverb’ knob is turned up for authentic dub effects. The echoes have a good tone for an old valve Copicat and degrade with a dark crunchy quality – they cannot be desribed as accurate repeats as this is not a digital delay, but they have a sound and vibe that is most pleasing and create a unique effect that sounds ‘right’.