CatSynth video: NI Maschine + MS Surface Pro demo (Windows 8 tablet for music production)

From acemonvw on YouTube, via matrixsynth. The discussion of the interaction between the Maschine and the Surface Pro went through several revisions and updates. Here is an excerpt from the most recent:

If you’re interested in knowing, I have since studied Maschine and the Surface Pro and find they work pretty well together. I have had much fewer hangups since switching to the ASIO driver. I also found that a few services were causing issues randomly 1) Windows Modules Installer Worker, 2) WMI provider host, and 3) System. System was strange in that it was at about 30% CPU forever. Maschine only took up 10% CPU when running using 2 reaktors, 1 massive, and one Kontakt. Pretty impressive actually!

Yes, the levels seem to be off, I just wanted to experiment with
Maschine and the Surface Pro…

My cat Bonnie was enjoying the process too

We think Bonnie was actually rather indifferent to the whole thing 🙂