CatSynth pic: RMI DK-20 (USA) Digital Synthesizer…from 1980s

Image from an auction, via matrixsynth.

“Rare very early digital synthesizer from 1981/2. Three seperate outputs ~ bass/solo & treble ~ in zones across the keyboard. Preset or user-change. Non-velocity basic polyphonic organ/clavinet/lute/bass tones with vibrato variants and decay/sustain features.”

This is not a synth I had previously heard of.

“HISTORY Made in USA by RMI (of 368X prog-rock fame). Imported by KK… The DK-20 was RMI’s attempt at digital synthesis; in 1981 this was the beginning of an age of synthesizers…..ARP/Moog/Oberheim to name a few more famous….”