CatSynth pic: Wendy Carlos and Cats

We kick off 2017 with this illustration of the great Wendy Carlos and her cats.

mothers of electronic music #.1 wendy carlos, who helped refine early moog synthesisers then reproduced bachs brandenburg concertos on one. 'switched on bach' became the first platinum selling classical album. she came out as trans in '79 & her career continued to climb. her solo albums featured entire digital orchestras, & went on to write film scores for kubrick. she also loves burmese cats & deep space photography. [[#wendycarlos #moog #synthesizer]]

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From forbiddenboner on Instagram, via our friends at Moog Music, Inc.

CatSynth video: Wendy Carlos Circular Controller used for Kubrick’s The Shining

Via matrixsynth:

“Wendy Carlos showing her Circular Controller that was used in the construction of proposed tracks for the soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.”

Can you spot the cat?