More CatSynth pics today

We have more cat-and-synth pictures for today. Originally from pzlonvent, via matrixsynth:

There are more pics at pzlonvent from the same series, include this one:

So many fun places for a cat to play among racks and shelves of synthesizers…

The posting at matrixsynth spurred a discussion of why there are so many pictures of cats and synthesizers, and so few of dogs. Not the first time that subject has come up. Certainly, the fact that there are so many interesting spots for a cat to explore (or take a nap) allows for more photo opportunities. They are also gerally more nimble and less clumsy than their canine counterparts.

I also tend to think that cats are in behavior and personality more compatible with the personalities and aesthetics of “synth geeks” (and electronic musicians in general). The aloofness and independence and air of sophistication are characteristics I certainly find more appealing than the stereotypical “loyalty and obedience” of dogs. Dogs are also high-maintanance, need a lot of attention and of course their “walks,” taking away from time in the studio, while a cat is content to sit on a ledge or on a lap. Certainlly, Luna sometimes sits on my lap in the studio, as can be seen in at least one earlier post. And her presence in the studio is always a delight. By contrast, a clumsy and messy dog demanding attention would be quite unwelcome.

Consider the aesthetics of cats, too. Cats are common in still life paintings and photography and lend an elegant quality, while dogs are more common in, say, poker scenes or creepy Norman Rockwell illustrations with kids. That is not to say I haven't seen some really great or endearing photos of dogs – but it is a very different aesthetic from cats.

Certainly, these are all opinions, and we at CatSynth freely admit our feline bias. But to the best of our knowledge, there is no DogSynth site…