CatSynth: "Me, a synthesizer, and a cat."

No, not “me”, but leslie.paige at flickr. Her photo comes to us via matrixsynth:

Leslie says the she found the cat “near a dumpster.” We at CatSynth are always happy to hear about cats being rescued.

He reminds me a lot of Morty, who some readers might remember from this post.

Morty was also a rescue. He was found as a kitten by a rescue group and raised until he was ready for adoption. He was the original “Supa-Bad Kitty,” and quite a mischief-maker, really the opposite of Luna in a lot of ways. I still miss him sometimes, though.

2 thoughts on “CatSynth: "Me, a synthesizer, and a cat."

  1. Amar, sorry you 'lost' morty. I'm sure he's getting lots of love. Remember all the good and 'mischievous' times you had with each other and charish the memories. Hugs.

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