CatSynth: "Me, a synthesizer, and a cat."

No, not “me”, but leslie.paige at flickr. Her photo comes to us via matrixsynth:

Leslie says the she found the cat “near a dumpster.” We at CatSynth are always happy to hear about cats being rescued.

He reminds me a lot of Morty, who some readers might remember from this post.

Morty was also a rescue. He was found as a kitten by a rescue group and raised until he was ready for adoption. He was the original “Supa-Bad Kitty,” and quite a mischief-maker, really the opposite of Luna in a lot of ways. I still miss him sometimes, though.

catsynth pic: Gingerbread

MIT Media Lab assistant professor Dr. Joseph A. Paradiso includes the above photo of his old Himalayan cat Gingerbread atop a synthesizer cabinet as part of his web page documenting his modular synthesizer. His collection of modules and writings about synthesizers are quite impresesive, and I've spent a bit of time looking through them. That is one of the fun things about looking for these pictures of cats and synths: it often leads to something more interesting.

Dr. Paradiso's synthesizer has received note in Keyboard magazine, and he had a synth rig featured at the 2004 PrixArs Electronic festival. He has some great photos of synth rigs from the 1970's as well.

shades of luna

As I was writing the previous post, Luna poked her head out the glass door leading to the patio. I can't help it, just had to snap a pic:

Cell phone pics aren't particularly high quality, but they're creat for moments like this. Plus, the image inspired a few variations. Enhancing the reflection of the patio in the glass gives us a cat as mirror to the world:

And I also like this highly processed version in red and black, done with some of the new image-processing tools I've build for Open Sound World: