Code 46 / "With All Her Heart"

Our friend jellypizza posted this wonderful video of Taboo from 1997, peeking out from inside a drawer.

I haven't embedded the video, but I do encourage readers to go see it (you can click on the photo or the “related link” below). In a way, it is also a posthumous “CatSynth Video” for Taboo, featuring the very ambiet/electronic/synthetic track “Mother” from the soundtrack of the award-winning film Code 46. (The soundtrack is also available at iTunes .) I really thought it added something to the video, giving what was already a very sweet moment a unique quality. Of course, one would expect music from a soundtrack to work well with video, but it's still interesting how well it worked given the stark contrast to the actual film.

I had not heard of Code 46 before JellyPizza's recommendation, but did get a chance to see it last week. The ambient music is a backdrop to a tale in the near future where technology is more advanced but still very recognizeable. In the film, the world seems to be separated into a very high-tech “inside” world that includes major developed cities (e.g., in Asia, Europe, North America, etc.) and “outside.” People carry genetic IDs and bio-tech permits to travel. Additionally, the goverment or governments of the “inside” have genetically driven limits on who can and cannot have children together. This is all meant to sound very sinister, I'm sure, but I think the folks in this near-future world might have a point on the reproduction/population issue. And the world painted by the visuals and the music seems very inviting, both futuristic and very familiar at the same time. There is also an interesting take on fusion among “inside” languages (e.g., English, Chinese, Spanish).

Check out the soundtrack or the movie if you have a chance, and then re-watch Taboo's video.

One thought on “Code 46 / "With All Her Heart"

  1. you wrote:

    [i]I just have a still, I didn't want to embed the Blogger video w/o getting your OK to do so.[/i]

    you have my hearty OKAY! and thanks for the sweet remembrances. they are deeply appreciated. in fact, they are fine assists for "surfacing," so to speak.

    i'm glad you got to see [i]code 46[/i] — it's not often we get to see the likes of samantha morton and tim robbins [i thought some of his best work] play opposite each other.

    and great music.

    whaleshaman at jelly pizza

    ps: i played with a friend's wonderful cat today. after years of caring and nursing for aging and chronically ill cats [4 over the past 10 years], it was a real treat to nuzzle and tickle and hold a youngster — the energy!

    chin scritches for luna.

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