Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam: ¡Que Calor!

It is hot here in San Francisco. In fact, yesterday was the hottest day on record in nearly 150 years. From The Examiner;

Hours after this post was originally written, a new downtown San Francisco temperature record was set at 106 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

I love heat. Indeed, my ideal temperature is higher than some friends and colleagues’ comfort zones. But this is too hot for even me. Which means it’s a bit unbearable for poor Sam Sam.

Sam Sam in the shade

She has been strategically lying in spots that are shaded, as in the photo above where she is lying underneath a small table and a mounted crash cymbal. She does love her sunshine, though, so keeps going back to the window to bask for a few minutes.

As the temperature continues to climb inside of CatSynth HQ, I have also set up space with a towel and cold pack for her.

Sam Sam resting with a cold pack

The heatwave is expected to diminish a bit tomorrow. In the meantime, I suspect we are going to be taking it easy for the remainder of the afternoon.

Midnight Monday: Heat

As mentioned yesterday, it got quite warm here at CatSynth HQ. And while the heat energizes me, it was probably a bit too much for Luna:

It's interesting how Luna likes to keep a paw near the metal cables when she rests in her favorite spot.

Opening some windows and running our ceiling fans cooled things down nicely, and the ketzela was soon up and about.

This morning is a bit breezier, and it's supposed to much cooler – but the air has that “summer” feel and aroma to it. Of course, the “real” summer around here is fog cover, so we should enjoy the sunshine and heat while we can.

Check out more black cats for Midnight Monday at House Panthers. Today, they are featuring Madness from Random Drift.

Let's crack open all the windows!

Weekend Cat Blogging #109: Summer Heat and Reading

It looks like our hosts Upsie and Sher are facing the full force of the western heat wave as they host Weekend Cat Blogging #109. Upsie is enjoying an cold pack to beat the heat. You can see the roundup of cats in all colors and climates.

Here on the coast things haven't been quite so extreme, but we, too, have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures, especially earlier in the week. The upper floor of CatSynth HQ got quite toasty, and Luna spent a lot of time napping, especially on her comfy blue towel (which I occasionally sprinkled with cold water):

Fortunately, the weather has cooled down quite a bit this weekend here, so now we're back to enjoying summer, including our summer reading:

The book is Lizard, a collection of short stories by Japenese modernist writer Banana Yoshimoto.

Don't forget to check out the Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats.

We hope all our friends in the Western U.S. and elsewhere are keeping cool and safe.