CatSynth pic: Tweak and ARP 2600

From matrixsynth.

According to the image names in this anonymous post, the cat’s name is “Tweak” (great name for a “synth cat”).

The ARP 2006 has an interesting story as well:

Another story to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
“around may of this year in seattle, there was a electronics recycling thing going on which i helped with… it was insane piles of electronic waste, all of which would be disassembled and sold as scrap. during this event i asked the guy in charge if i could have a old ‘music keyboard’ i found (arp 2600 + 3620keys)! (no one knew what it was but me!!!!) once home i and it was taken apart for cleaning i found it had the old ‘moog filter’ and was missing 1 speaker,only thing wrong with it! plus someone had modified it (8 extra holes plus toggle switch) sorta like 70s circuit bending i suppose.” via anonymous. Not sure about the cat connection, but there it is.

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10 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Tweak and ARP 2600

  1. I’m sure a big helper Tweak! We love your name. Hey, does that turn up to 11? Did you help with recycling Tweak?

    How is the convention?? I hope you kittis are having fun there and getting lotsa treats. Those papers that keep dropping from the ceiling look fun to catch! I think Luna looks great with those sign colors.

  2. I agree !!! Tweak is a perfect name foe a musical cat!!!!!
    What a recycling find!!! 🙂 See,it pays to recycle!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  3. Of course I don’t understand your explanation, only that you had made a good deal, but I find the cat very good that she doesn’t play with all these cables, lol !

  4. Hey nice to meet you Tweak
    Do they still use the Moog synth
    in music? I always thought they
    were used a lot decades ago?
    Great find – recycling is Rad!

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