Cat-Guitar pic with Luna

Cables have an annoying tendency to multiply. Luna seems oblivious to them.

Something that a few of our friends (including Mr Echo) might appreciate: the red pedal in front is an SIB Mr Echo.

I am planning to use analog effects pedals in my upcoming performances this month. And I am using some extended-techniques on the guitar as sound material (I don’t plan to play it live).

10 thoughts on “Cat-Guitar pic with Luna

  1. happy Midnight Monday Luna! those cables look fun to pounce on but mommy says not to. you’re doing the right thing.

    PS we looooooooove the Flow Chart

  2. That is a lot of cables Luna! At least there is still carpet space left to lay on 😉 Mom thinks the pink cable is cool too 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  3. Hi Luna. Are you tired-out from playing with all those cables? You’re such a sweetie – kitty.
    Happy MM!

    Ps – Amar, good luck with your performances.

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