CatSynth Pic: Guitar Pedal

Guitar Pedal with Cats

So that’s how a guitar pedal works! We knew it 😸

Submitted by Polly Moller via Facebook, originally from the Pro Guitar Shop Collective’s FB page.

Cat-Guitar pic with Luna

Cables have an annoying tendency to multiply. Luna seems oblivious to them.

Something that a few of our friends (including Mr Echo) might appreciate: the red pedal in front is an SIB Mr Echo.

I am planning to use analog effects pedals in my upcoming performances this month. And I am using some extended-techniques on the guitar as sound material (I don’t plan to play it live).

CatSynth pic: Metasonix TX-1D Agonizer

From Deviant Synth, via matrixsynth:

Mommy the cat likes it, so…


Beautiful tabby cat, though. And it's Tuesday.

Xiaohei and the Effector13 Soda Meiser

Via our friend at sendling:

Cats seem to like those effector13 pedals.