Homecoming and Adoption Anniversary

I returned home from China and Japan today. There is still much to relate, from the last stops in Shanghai and Tokyo. But today we pause to recognize that this homecoming on June 10 is also Luna’s adoption anniversary, or “Gotcha Day”.

The timing just worked out so we could both return home to celebrate. But first, it’s time to find a familiar comfortable place to rest.

Please join me in wishing Luna a happy “Gotcha Day.”

11 thoughts on “Homecoming and Adoption Anniversary

  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Luna. I am so happy that both your Mom and Dad were able to be home for your celebration. Have a great time.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! and welcome home!

    Luna musta missed that beanbag. She’s so nice – she left her white chair for you, Amar. :o)

  3. Happy gotchaversary, Luna! Gotcha days are furry speshul. Do you really like dat bean bag? We has one but no cat has efur liked it. It’s efun my favoritest color, purple, but… I don’t know. It’s just not rite fur us.

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