Fun with Highways: Orange Crush Interchange

This afternoon we at CatSynth avoid our responsibilities by presenting another highway interchange.

This is the so-called “Orange Crush” interchange in Orange County, CA, where I-5 and state highways CA 22 and CA 57 meet.  You can see how the three freeways converge in this USGS map:

[click to enlarge]

I actually got to know this interchange quite well during my recent NAMM trip, and ended up at one point or another on each of the highways.

There is actually an ulterior motive in doing a highway post today.  I am planning on doing a few posts on the intersection of art and highways (no pun intended).  While I have collected a few examples myself, I would welcome suggestions from readers.

4 thoughts on “Fun with Highways: Orange Crush Interchange

  1. The close up pic looks like many of the wires we see
    in your synthesizer pics 😉 Confusing,unless you know what you are doing!!
    The bottom pic looks like a big X
    We look forward to future posts.

  2. I like the name ‘orange crush’. I can understand how easy it is for someone who’s not familiar with the area can get on the wrong highway.

    Wonder what the traffic’s like there…

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