Weekend Cat Blogging: New Year and Photohunt:Fuzzy

We at CatSynth attempt to wake up to the new year…slowly.  Here is our first published photo of 2011:

The theme of this weekend’s Photo Hunt is fuzzy, which is easy with Luna around.  One can easily see the fuzziness of her thick winter fur.  Cats do seem to get thicker fur in the winter…and contrary to stereotypes, we do have a winter season in California.

This may end up being about as much as we do today.

Weekend Cat Blogging #291 New Years Edition is hosted by Pam and the cats at Sidewalk Shoes.

The Photo Hunt is hosted by tnchick. This week’s theme is Fuzzy.

The Carnival of the Cats will be hosted by Nikita Cat.

And life goes on…

9 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: New Year and Photohunt:Fuzzy

  1. Iz dat purrty kitty in da snowz?

    Happy Newz Year to you all & may it be filled wits peecez of fishy & lotsez of fun.

    Love Dr Tweety, Maximillian, Iris, delilah, & da Auntie Stinkie

  2. @Dr Tweety. Nope, that’s not snow, but the carpet on the upstairs level of our loft. The high contrast of the photo makes it look a lot whiter than it actually is 🙂

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