CatSynth pic: Miles and his Custom Painted Moog EatherWave Plus Theremin


Via matrixsynth. (PS: thanks for the shoutout for the app 🙂 ).

This one in via L.T.

“After my beloved orange four legged companion ‘Charlotte the Cat’ passed on and ascended high into SynthCat heaven, I have realized that Charlotte was always annoyed with my collection of electronic keyboards and audio gadgets, (see the old Charlotte the cat photos at Matrixsynth)

I have since adopted a wonderful. large 4 yr old, 4 legged orange companion – Miles the Cool SynthCat.

See attached photo of Miles the cool SynthCat, chillin’ and relaxin’ with the Moog EatherWave Plus Theremin… looks like Miles has a much better attitude when it comes to sharing his space with Electronic Music Keyboards ,Gadgets and Gizmos.


What do you think…. anyone have a caption for these SynthCat photos?”

The theremin is painted with green marine enamel for boats.

The late Charlotte has appeared on CatSynth many times. You can see one of her photos here.