CatSynth Pic, and an Update on Luna

Luna, Casio SK-1 and Korg Volca Beats

Luna poses near her beanbag chair in the studio and stacked Casio SK-1 and Korg Volca BEATS. More importantly, she is now collar-free! She got the all clear at her post-surgery follow-up on Friday, as the incision is healing well. We will soon be in contact with the oncologist about a next round of chemo and hopefully we will knock out the cancer for real.

Luna has been much happier without the collar, and he mood has brightened a lot. She is playful and affectionate, but she does sleep a lot – she is a cat after all. But her sleeping once again looks very peaceful.

Luna sleeping in a circle

I am always impressed with her ability to curl up into a nearly perfect circle.

4 thoughts on “CatSynth Pic, and an Update on Luna

  1. We are delighted to hear that Luna is doing so well:)
    She looks lovely and in her sleeping pic, very comfy.
    We will keep up the purrs for her.
    Way to go Luna! WooHoo!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  2. Hooray for no more collar! We’re glad Luna is doing well, and are purring and praying for ultimate success in eradicating the cancer.

    Hugs to you both!

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