Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam and Big Merp

Getting the two cats to coexist at CatSynth HQ has a long and sometimes bumpy road. Sam Sam in particular has a tough time of it. But things are starting progress to the point were we at least of tolerance and respect. Sam Sam mostly stays on the mezzanine level of HQ, splitting her time between the bedroom and the studio, but she is starting to come out more and reassert herself as the sassy queen of the house.

Big Merp has the run of the downstairs level and enjoying both the relaxing and fun of living here.

He does sometimes come upstairs. In this photo, he jumped up on the main studio console that houses the Nord Stage, Prophet 12 and Pro Tools workstation, and has found a nice hiding place behind the monitor.

From his perch, he supervised part of the postproduction for our latest CatSynth TV, which you can now see here.

Sam Sam also hangs out in the studio a lot. In this video she gives as a little mew as a greeting.

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Mew 😻 #catsofinstagram

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They can actually be in their own spots in the studio at the simultaneously now; and that is indeed progress.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam and Big Merp

  1. We are happy to hear that these two are gradually accepting one another.
    We purr that a happy coexistence will not be far off as they are both sweet cats <3
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. We LOVE Sam Sam’s little meow. 🙂

    Glad to hear she and Big Merp are figuring things out. Here’s to continued peace, love and understanding at Catsynth HQ. 🙂


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