Big Merp in the studio

Last week we featured a “CatSynth pic” with Sam Sam, so it’s only fair that this week we feature Big Merp. As we’ve seen before, he likes to get up on the equipment while I’m working in the studio.

Merp is sitting on our “trusty red keyboard”, the Nord Stage EX. To the right, we see a couple of our more colorful modules, the Strymon Starlab and Dreadbox Euphoria. Behind him are a couple of audio processing units, a tube compressor, and a mic preamp (from Golden Age Project); in the left corner are the same E-MU modules that we saw with Sam Sam last week.

You can see our reviews/tutorials for the Strymon Starlab and Dreadbox Euphoria, respectively, below.

Our 500th Episode of CatSynth TV!

We are celebrating our 500th episode of CatSynth TV! Hard to believe we have made so many of these, but we have and we’re still having fun with it.

This one features numerous synthesizers, including the Octave CAT, Pocket Gamelan, and various instruments from Arturia, Cherry Audio, Moog Music, Strymon, MOK, Buchla, Metasonix, Make Noise, and more. There is also an appearance by Sam Sam at about the 1-minute mark.

Persephone in the Studio

Persephone (aka “Mewskers”) is in the command chair of her very impressive studio. This studio is also used by our friend Rob Robinson and his industrial/noise/EBM project Order of the Static Temple (where we found this photo).

In front of Persephone is a Nord keyboard, to her left is a Sequential synthesizer, behind that a venerable Roland SH-101. We also see offerings from Behringer, Akai, Korg, and Ensoniq!

You can see more of Persephone via her tag.

Monty and Nord

Monty is getting ready to play some electric piano on his Nord keyboard. From our friend Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Moon X, and numerous other musical collaborations).

Monty helping with some keyboard tracks for Michael Bass and my collaboration album. (I especially like Monty’s Fender Rhodes sound on this one.)

You can see our interview with Dave Newhouse and Jerry King below.

You also check out his music at

Zelda and Nord Modular G2

A very sweet picture of Zelda the cat sleeping atop a Nord Modular G2 engine. From tomhallsonics via Instagram.

I give you a picture of baby girl, deep in a dream state, while I make obnoxious squeaky sounds (how she manages to sleep to it I’ll never understand)

To find out more about Tom Hall’s music, please visit his Bandcamp page.

I have long been intrigued by the Nord Modular, though we don’t have one here at CatSynth HQ.