CatSynth Video: Big Merp & Rick-and-Morty Pocket Operator

I managed to order one of the new Rick & Morty Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering, and it arrived at HQ yesterday. I decided to film the unboxing and initial attempts to play it for CatSynth TV, but Big Merp decided to get in the act. You can see our fun in this video.

The Pocket Operator is a tiny synth from Teenage Engineering that comes in several models of which the Rick-and-Morty-themed version is the most recent. Once I fully get the hang of it, I will do a proper demo, probably in conjunction with the modular or Field Kit.

2 thoughts on “CatSynth Video: Big Merp & Rick-and-Morty Pocket Operator

  1. Big Merp is just the purrfect help for an unboxing video. The pocket operator looks really cool. Can’t wait to see your next post to when you know how to use it better. We would love to learn. Thanks for sharing the video. Have a wonderful day.

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